How can an Immersion Course at your Teacher’s house help you to learn a new language?

Immersion is all about learning a language in a spontaneous way, speaking and communicating in order to satisfy your needs, to buy something, to greet someone and to communicate your ideas.

When you are completely surrounded by your target language, you are hearing, seeing and feeling the language in its natural form and one is able to ‘live the language’ seeing expressions, words and phrases in real contexts complete with physical movements, facial expressions, hand gestures and most importantly, tone of voice.

As a child, you learned your mother tongue just in this way, by copying what you saw and heard. When you are ‘immersed’ in your target language a ‘third ear’ effect comes into play whereby your subconscious begins to innately learn the structures and patterns of the language around you. As you relax with your teacher your subconscious will take over more and more letting the sounds of the target language ‘flow’ through you.

“through intensive listening you will quickly learn to ‘auto-correct’ yourself”

Language is obviously first and foremost a tool for communication and when you are ‘immersed’ this is precisely what you will be practising, situational vocabulary, nuances of expression and through intensive listening you will quickly learn to ‘auto-correct’ yourself. The self-consciousness of the adult learner is quickly overcome and fears of sounding ‘stupid’ or ‘saying the wrong thing’ will disappear as you tackle conversing and interacting in real situations.

Learning the language in this dynamic way brings you up against the ways in which people actually speak and communicate with one another using colloquial language and contemporary expressions and phrases. This is a very exciting and absorbing way to learn a language!